Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Comes is Better (I try to believe)

Darby will be turning four in a few days, on my mom's birthday to be exact. I can only imagine that she was a very nice birthday present four years ago. I don't think I got my mom anything else, so I hope so at least. I was too busy planning and wishing and buying everything pink. Then she was born and I couldn't believe that I had a baby girl. How lucky am I to have one of each? And I soon desperately wanted for her to sleep through the night. She was a pretty good sleeper pretty early on and then I wished for her to sit up. She was very early with the physical milestones, so soon I was onto wishing for her to start talking. Once she could talk, I think next I wanted her potty-trained. That took a while but then I wanted her to be old enough to go to school just a little bit. Now she loves school. She begs to stay all day, and I miss her too much to leave her that long. And now looking at her, almost four, I kind of wish I could have it all back. Or keep her forever, my Little Pookie.

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