Thursday, December 30, 2010


My grandparents old house isn't far from where we live and I sometimes feel like driving by. It recently went up for sale and is currently vacant. I couldn't resist nosing around and peeking through windows. It's amazing how different it looks inside, not only because of the remodeling, but because it's been about 17 years since I was last in there. I rememebered the rooms being about 3x the size they actually are. I can't imagine how they fit their furniture in those little spaces. Anyway, I let the kids peek in and I took them around back to show them the backyard where my brothers and I used to play. I remembered it sunny, with a huge tree in the middle and a tire swing that made circles around the entire yard. And the clothes line, of course. Today the yard is very shady and the big tree has been replaced by several smaller ones. No grass, no tree swing, no clothes line. My grandpa's shed is still there as are his citrus trees, which are covered in fruit. So I let the kids pick some fruit and look in the old shed. Then I promised them gummy bears if they let me take pictures of them there. I'd like to go back and get more sometime. Pictures and oranges.

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